A little about us

YouHunted is strong, stable and highly maintainable recruiting platform developed for recruiters by recruiters. Our team is made up of highly qualified IT professionals, managers and recruiters. Join and be a part of the new growing product. Today is the best time to bring in some technologies for your business.

Why Us?

We know how it is hard to grow from small to big; thus we give you an opportunity to invest less at the beginning.
This tool was built for real recruiting needs from the beginning. We have permanent direct feedback from our clients and improve our platform constantly.
Ask any questions any time we will be happy to help you to grow your business.

We are good at

Web Development 88%

Innovations 78%

Integration 82%

Our Highlights

We wanna approach recruiting business with new way making this business. Think widely, not standart, help us to improve recruiting world. Our approach:

  • Automation
  • Simplification
  • More for community less for money
  • Make FUN


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